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For my wordpress site, I picked ‘norabryanblog’ as the name of my blog. Nora translates to  ‘Stray’ from Japanese and that is the theme that I attribute to my writing so far; being all over the place with styles and topics. With the creative options available, I picked Writing and books to Non-fiction/memoir to a grid layout to the Baskerville theme to ending on the free option. The grid layout offers a concise layout without being too congested with texts or links. I chose the Baskerville theme on impulse. On further analysis, I believe the picture overlay can be used to easily set the tone of the blog and can offer fidelity with the links and posts being made. The overall theme has a semi-professional look to it too; Similar to LinkedIn. What do you think?

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So begins another Trumptastic adventure

Donald Trump reaches his peak with 37 claims in one day. Here’s some of them:

Falsely said, “She got the debate questions in advance. Think of it. Did you hear this? Hillary Clinton got the debate questions in advance from Donna Brazile!” (This is false in more than one way. Clinton appears to have been given one question by Brazile, not questions plural, and it was for a CNN town hall during the Democratic primary in March, not a debate. And certainly not a general-election debate, as Trump was implying.)

Falsely said, “And I’ve been endorsed largely, at least conceptually, by the military.” (The military does not issue endorsements, and it is nonsensical to say he has been “conceptually” endorsed by the military. Trump has endorsements from retired officers, but so does Clinton.)

Falsely said of North Carolina, “In your state, I’m one point, two points and even in three polls. One point, two points and even.” (Clinton has led in at least 13 consecutive North Carolina polls.)

Falsely said, “I’ve been endorsed by all the Border Patrol.” (Trump has been endorsed by the Border Patrol agents’ union, not its executives and not the entire entity. Trump usually specifies, but did not here.)

Falsely said of Syrian refugee intake, “We’re allowing thousands of people, we don’t know who they are, where they’re from, we know nothing about them.” (The refugees are put through an extensive screening process. Trump can argue that the U.S. still does not know enough about them, but it is false to say it knows nothing.)

Falsely said, “Like the ABC phony poll that just came in. Totally phony poll.” (The ABC poll is a legitimate poll.)

Election 2016

Final Assignment Pitch

Despite my academic background, I was fascinated on how accessible it was to pick up a pencil and start writing. At first, it was for myself, and then my interests and now for public. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my professor came from a similar background of starting empty handed in the field of journalism. I see many classmates from different paths of life, who also picked up their pencil at some point. It begs the question, why are we all here if the pencil is all we need?

Coming from that school of thought, I want my topic to be the prevalence of post-secondary education for journalism.

I will be juxtaposing practical and academic models for new journalists and how education is approached in each instance. Of course, it’s important to have both but which is more prevalent in Canada and our day and age? Is a degree even necessary? What does the industry deem important? What about our parts of the world?

My personal feelings aside, this will resonate with all first year students and fledging journalists.

How would I tell the story?

  • Online news article >>> More text and researched information
  • Two interviews
    • In person – Canadian Journalist who doesn’t have traditional education.
    • On phone/skype – Upper year Journalism student.
      • I know a person doing their Masters in Journalism at NYU but has a Bachelor’s degree from UofT. It could be this individual or any one in particular.
    • Relevant statistics, graphics and social media posts.
    • I will be using this Source for building my argument.

There has been nothing significant written on this topic. There was a Maclean’s article from 2013 on a similar topic.

Headlines assignment

HEADLINE: Quebec and Saskatchewan oppose of Justin Trudeau’s plan to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year.

SOCIAL MEDIA HEADLINE: “The results could be devastating”, Canadian premiers speak out against the PM’s proposed influx of refugees.

WINNIPEG, Manitoba/MONTREAL, Nov 16 (Reuters)

HEADLINE: ISIS threaten more attacks in Washington and France following the Paris bombings.

SOCIAL MEDIA HEADLINE: The ‘crusader campaign’ becomes the new target in the ISIS’s new video threatening the USA and France.

CAIRO, Nov 16 (Reuters)

HEADLINE: Riots in Mozambique break out in the Muiane tantalum mine owned by Canada’s Pacific Wildcat Resources.

SOCIAL MEDIA HEADLINE: Local Bandits and authorities face off in a dispute following the police shooting an illegal miner.

MAPUTO, Nov 16 (Reuters)

HEADLINE: Fantasy sports companies, DraftKings and FanDuel, seek assistance after their cease and desist order to operate in New York.

SOCIAL MEDIA HEADLINE: Fantasy sports too much like illegal gambling? DraftKings and FanDuel fear their future in New York.

NEW YORK, Nov 16 (Reuters)

HEADLINE: Charlie Sheen, TV actor, plans to hold a live interview following allegations of being HIV positive.

SOCIAL MEDIA HEADLINE: TV star comes clean about his dirty antics; The “Today” show’s exclusive interview with Charlie Sheen.

NEW YORK, Nov 16 (Reuters)

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