Despite my academic background, I was fascinated on how accessible it was to pick up a pencil and start writing. At first, it was for myself, and then my interests and now for public. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my professor came from a similar background of starting empty handed in the field of journalism. I see many classmates from different paths of life, who also picked up their pencil at some point. It begs the question, why are we all here if the pencil is all we need?

Coming from that school of thought, I want my topic to be the prevalence of post-secondary education for journalism.

I will be juxtaposing practical and academic models for new journalists and how education is approached in each instance. Of course, it’s important to have both but which is more prevalent in Canada and our day and age? Is a degree even necessary? What does the industry deem important? What about our parts of the world?

My personal feelings aside, this will resonate with all first year students and fledging journalists.

How would I tell the story?

  • Online news article >>> More text and researched information
  • Two interviews
    • In person – Canadian Journalist who doesn’t have traditional education.
    • On phone/skype – Upper year Journalism student.
      • I know a person doing their Masters in Journalism at NYU but has a Bachelor’s degree from UofT. It could be this individual or any one in particular.
    • Relevant statistics, graphics and social media posts.
    • I will be using this Source for building my argument.

There has been nothing significant written on this topic. There was a Maclean’s article from 2013 on a similar topic.