Donald Trump reaches his peak with 37 claims in one day. Here’s some of them:

Falsely said, “She got the debate questions in advance. Think of it. Did you hear this? Hillary Clinton got the debate questions in advance from Donna Brazile!” (This is false in more than one way. Clinton appears to have been given one question by Brazile, not questions plural, and it was for a CNN town hall during the Democratic primary in March, not a debate. And certainly not a general-election debate, as Trump was implying.)

Falsely said, “And I’ve been endorsed largely, at least conceptually, by the military.” (The military does not issue endorsements, and it is nonsensical to say he has been “conceptually” endorsed by the military. Trump has endorsements from retired officers, but so does Clinton.)

Falsely said of North Carolina, “In your state, I’m one point, two points and even in three polls. One point, two points and even.” (Clinton has led in at least 13 consecutive North Carolina polls.)

Falsely said, “I’ve been endorsed by all the Border Patrol.” (Trump has been endorsed by the Border Patrol agents’ union, not its executives and not the entire entity. Trump usually specifies, but did not here.)

Falsely said of Syrian refugee intake, “We’re allowing thousands of people, we don’t know who they are, where they’re from, we know nothing about them.” (The refugees are put through an extensive screening process. Trump can argue that the U.S. still does not know enough about them, but it is false to say it knows nothing.)

Falsely said, “Like the ABC phony poll that just came in. Totally phony poll.” (The ABC poll is a legitimate poll.)

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